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Dealing with Junk E-Mail

We are working to minimise the amount of junk e-mail, or spam, you are subjected to. Here you can find out about what junk e-mail is, how we are tackling it and the steps you can take to protect your inbox.

Preventing Junk E-mail
Reduce the junk e-mail in your Hotmail inbox by following some simple advice on how to set up Junk E-mail Filters and Safe Lists.


Reacting to Junk E-Mail
When you receive junk e-mail you can help prevent being sent more by following these easy steps or reporting it to our special anti-spam teams.


About Junk E-Mail
Find out why you receive junk e-mail and what MSN and the industry are doing to curb the sending of unsolicited e-mails.


About Messenger Spam
Find out what to do if you are being sent unsolicited messages when using MSN Messenger or while you're chatting online.


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