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How can I help protect my contact list?

To help protect your contact list and personal privacy, follow these guidelines:

When blocking a contact, always follow the proper steps: Click Block in the toolbar in the conversation window. Alternatively, in the main window, right-click the contact's name and click Block. Remember that deleting a contact from your list does not block the contact from seeing and contacting you.

Know who is monitoring your status. Click Tools, then Options.

Click the Privacy tab and look at your "My Allow List". If you see a contact you don't recognise in that list, right-click their name and select Properties. If you still don't recognise them and they aren't in your contact list, right-click their name and add them. Confirm their identity by sending them an instant message or by sending them e-mail.

To see who has added you to their contact list, click on the Tools menu, select Options, click the Privacy tab and click the View button.

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