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Why can't I connect to .NET Messenger service?

If you are experiencing difficulty in signing in to .NET Messenger, there could be several reasons for this.

If your login details are not recognised, please go to the .NET Passport website (http://www.passport.com), click the grey Sign In button in the top-right corner of the screen and make sure you are able to sign in. If you are able to sign in on this page (the page will refresh and the Sign In button will change to read Sign Out), but still can't sign into .NET Messenger Service, the messaging servers could be temporarily down for maintenance or may have reached capacity due to heavy Internet traffic (during peak usage hours). Wait a short while, then try again. You can check the server status page here for the latest information on the service.

Firewalls and third-party applications may also affect your ability to connect to MSN Messenger. To see if any of these applications are affecting your connectivity, you can disable the application(s) and then try to connect to the .Net Messenger service.

If you are still experiencing difficulty signing in to MSN Messenger after this, please contact MSN Messenger Support here.

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