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ninemsn support: Windows Media

Q) Where can I find audio and video?
A) Our new music site is full of streaming media and music downloads. The Music site is available via the Entertainment section.
You can also find great audio and video content in the Windows Media Guide which is a section within the new Windows Media Player. To take advantage of all the great content on the media guide, you need to have the Windows Media Player installed.

Download the latest Windows Media Player:

For more help with Windows Media Player, please click here.

ninemsn recommends a broadband connection for a positive experience when watching Internet video, and some sites on ninemsn may not support video for dial-up users.

Broadband Internet has become widely available, and its cost is often comparable or even less expensive than dial-up packages. ninemsn's technology page often has updates on broadband advice. Australian Netguide also has information on the benefits of broadband.

One of the best sources of broadband information is Whirlpool — Australian broadband news. It features user discussions, compares the latest packages available and answers many FAQs about broadband.