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ninemsn support: display problems and browser settings

Example error message
  • "Page cannot be displayed"
  • "Unable to establish a connection to the server"
  • "Internal service error"
  • "404 Error"

These are common error messages when you cannot display a web page or when you are viewing old or incorrect content. There are several potential causes for these types of error messages:

Your web browser may not be up to date
Your Internet browser may not be compatible if it is an older version. The latest versions of three of the most popular free web browsers can be found by clicking the links below:

You may have old data in your browser that needs to be deleted
Temporary Internet files stored on your computer may be conflicting with files stored on the Internet. You may need to delete your temporary Internet files and cookies to resolve the issue. Select your browser from the links below for a step-by step guide on how to do this:

Your ISP may be experiencing problems
You may have a poor connection to your Internet Service Provider. It's often a good idea to give them a call to see if they are experiencing any problems, especially if the problem you're seeing occurred suddenly.

If these instructions do not work, it may be worth downloading a different web browser to the one that you are currently using. As most operating systems come with Internet Explorer, you may wish to try using either Mozilla Firefox or Netscape to see whether the problem lies with your browser or elsewhere.

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